Nature Educator

After I had finished my MA studies in English in Cracow, Poland, I moved out to Switzerland as I was passionate about mountains. I worked as a volunteer in an organic garden on Inis Mor, Ireland, thanks to which I got interested in sustainbility and nature education. I am a qualified nature educator and at present I am doing my training as a playgroup leader.
I enjoy spending time outdoors with my sons. I strongly believe that every child can learn a lot from Nature on their own. Children have an inborn capacity to wonder at everything they perceive. My role as a nature educator is to accompany them throughout this wonderful journey and give them impulses. Together we learn to protect and appreciate Nature.
Don´t force children to be active, but unleash their activity. Don´t ask to think, but create conditions to think. Don´t demand, but persuade. Let the children ask questions and slowly develop their mind so that they want to know for themselves. Janusz Korczak

Tom Bombadil

Forest Spirit

I am a good-spirited forest ranger, a green man and a good friend of animals and children. You can find me everywhere: at a spring where I play a mouth harp, on a meadow whare I jump together with hares or on a tree where I repair bird nests.
I love freedom the way T. Janssson´s Snufkin does and I am as joyful as R.R. Tolkien´s Tom Bombadil. I owe my existence to both of these characters.

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We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children Indian Saying